Rosacea Treatments

Rosacea is a problematic skin disorder which effects the face, causing red facial flushing and an acne-like appearance. Currently there is no magic bullet cure to get rid of rosacea nor is there a single treatment which will effectively control the problem. Rather, a variety of techniques are used by patients to effectively reduce the symptoms of rosacea and leverage as much control over this skin disorder as possible. If you suffer from rosacea, this article will outline a step by step approach towards treating rosacea in a way that is personalized for you.

1. Learning what triggers your body into rosacea flareups.

People who suffer from rosacea each have their own “personal triggers” which cause the symptoms to manifest. There’s a spectrum of triggers but they tend to all share one thing in common: heat, in various forms.This can mean heat from hot tubs all the way spicy foods or a cup of hot coffee. Keeping track of how triggers effect your rosacea is going to go a long way towards controlling when you have flareups.

3. With your doctors help, try out various medications for Rosacea.

This means not just prescription but also over the counter drugs. Any good doctor should be able to discuss both these options with you with ease. Take a curious approach that allows you to try different medications - see what works, and ditch the rest. The goal is to find the medicine that works best for you and your body so that in due time, you will have this in your arsenal for effectively treating rosacea.

3. Using natural herbs and treatments for rosacea.

Let’s not forget about simple herbal remedies that are able to help many people. For instance, herbs like licorice and lavender give some people relief when applied topically to the face. Other natural treatments include regular intake of vitamin C, regular intake of green tea (just don’t drink it too hot!) and even apple cider vinegar. Like prescription and over the counter drugs, natural treatments will work for some and not others. Find out what works for you.

Rosacea is a skin problem that anyone suffering from must deal with. It’s not fun but it doesn’t have to take over your entire life. Once personal triggers are understood and avoided (as much as reasonably possible), and once medications and natural treatments are doing their job, you’ll find you have much more power and control over rosacea skin care and its treatment.

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